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Looking After Your Mental Health at Work

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, considering 1 in 6 employees experience mental health problems, the government is implementing change into health policies in the workplace. The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “A state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with … Read More

Is Your Job at Risk of Automation?

Over the last decade there’s been a growing fear for the future of employment, this is due to development in technology. Artificial intelligence, robots and machine learning systems are becoming a popular resource for companies. Although some seem concerned at the risk of their jobs becoming automated, it isn’t something to majorly worry about. We … Read More

Why Measure Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is how effectively an individual identifies and manages their own emotions, and of those around them. As humans our behaviour is driven by our emotions and it can impact others positively and negatively. Therefore, the way an employee presents their emotions can affect their overall performance. The elements of EQ: Self-awareness – … Read More

Are the Days of Whiteboards Over? – The Future of Education

We live in a technology obsessed world where we continuously use our smartphones. Apps are available for almost any need, including banking, travel and shopping. We can do everything on our phones. But that’s not all, young children are now being brought up with technology all around them, being gifted iPad’s and tablets for Christmas. What … Read More

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Finished your GCSEs – What’s next?

Your secondary school education is coming to a close and what happens next is up to you. During your time at school you’ll have discovered your interests and the subjects you’re best at, these are useful in helping you decide your future. Although, I believe the school system prematurely asks students about their future plans; … Read More

What If University Isn’t Right for You?

Success is sometimes determined by whether you attended university and obtained a degree, however, university education isn’t the only pathway to success. Many options are available outside of the university industry so if you don’t want to go you don’t have to! You can achieve your goals and dreams through other ways of learning and avoid … Read More

The University Edit: What Students Have to Say

Listening to other students perspectives is useful in gaining a more rounded worldview of the university experience. As students come from all walks of life no individual experience is the same. You may have been told about a certain university lifestyle that includes alcohol and partying, however not every student enjoys it and that’s ok. … Read More

How to Make The Most of Your University Experience

Freshers week is over and your lectures have begun! For most students, starting university is a scary period of transition. Everything is new and unfamiliar, you’ve moved away from your childhood home and you have many adult responsibilities you didn’t consider before, like washing up, cleaning and laundry. To gain the most from your university … Read More

Why Employers Value Candidates with Language Skills

There’s a misconception surrounding the ability to learn a new language which falsely suggests that if you don’t get the opportunity to learn a language as a child – you have zero chance of ever learning as an adult. Some are fortunate to learn a language fluently during childhood where it’s easier to pick-up because … Read More

Fixed or Growth Mindset: Which One Are You?

An average of 17 years are spent in education for each individual, depending on further education choices, but the learning doesn’t have to end there. As you enter adulthood you must continuing exercising your brain and absorbing information.  The brain requires mental exercise just as much as the body needs physical exercise. The brain is … Read More