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Top Skills Employers Look For

What skills a job role requires depends entirely on the sector and specific role, however there are some soft skills which most employers will be searching for during recruitment. Most of your current skills can be transferable to many job roles, ultimately making you more employable.

Although some roles may list a very specific set of skills, soft skills are versatile and can be used in everyday life. For example a nurse requires a different skill set to a teacher in regards to what their job entails but they both require effective communication and teamwork.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are interpersonal, we develop them over time just by existing. They can be developed every day in both your personal and work life.

These include:

  1. A positive attitude. By bringing your best possible self into work every day you’re contributing to a healthy and happy workplace, although as humans we’re susceptible to bad days.  Sometimes being happy and cheerful isn’t doable, but we should try avoid negativity in the workplace.
  2. Teamwork. The ability to work effectively in a team is vital to most companies’ overall business goals. You’ll most likely have your own individual tasks within your team that add to the success of a larger project, whether that’s in an office environment or in retail. Most job roles require an element of teamwork. You should be able to cooperate and work well with others to prove yourself as a valuable team member.
  3. Communication is key in most areas of life. It allows you to create strong relationships with your colleagues and increases the productivity and motivation necessary for your projects. Communicating with others may mean your projects run efficiently and smoothly and be the best they can be!
  4. Self-management. How you present yourself at work is important because it shows who you are as a person and creates a good reputation for yourself. This includes your timekeeping, organisation, motivation and reliability. Don’t forget your physical appearance comes into consideration – dress appropriately, look presentable and maintain your hygiene.
  5. Resilience. This is your ability to cope with setbacks, failure and criticism. Being resilient can be useful in any workplace because things will always go wrong. Different jobs have different levels of intensity so being able to stay calm under pressure is important!

What other skills?

Other than the interpersonal soft skills we continue developing every day, employers will be looking for specific skills for each role – these are called hard skills. They differ for each role, but some general skills may include numeracy and literacy, IT and computing skills, and certain certificates and licenses.

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