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Why Companies Use Psychometric Testing in Recruitment?

More frequently companies are using psychometric tests in their recruitment process. These are proving to be an effective way to find the candidate best fit for a role. 75% of The UK Times 100 Companies use them!

What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests help identify a candidate’s character, strengths and weaknesses, and working style. There are two types – personality and aptitude. The personality tests explore your interests, values and motivations. They are a way of analysing how you fit into a role and their organisation. They analyse your emotions, behaviours and relationships in a selection of situations. Aptitude tests assess an individual’s cognitive abilities determining whether they have the right skill set for the role.

Why do companies use these tests?

The traditional methods of hiring (CV’s, interviewing) are outdated now, due to the increase of digital media in our lives. How we use technology, and the involvement of AI and machine-learning have evolved our hiring processes. So, companies are looking for new ways of hiring. These tests are fairer and more accurate, therefore predicting which applicants are most likely to succeed.

The cost of traditional hiring methods is a factor too, meaning companies can reduce interview and training costs. Tests like these can quick sift through unsuitable candidates for a role, this is especially useful if a role receives a large amount of applications.

How we use psychometric tests?

We use psychometric tests on our platform. These are delivered through a selection of activities and games, such as Matrix which assesses your concentration, Pyramids to measure your short-term memory, and ColourSwitch measuring your responses. And many others, there are 50 activities for you to complete. We measure emotion, behaviour, skills, and cognition, and more.

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Why Yondur uses them?

We use psychometric testing to switch up the traditional recruitment processes that most companies follow. The method of sending out a CV listing your experience, education and skills doesn’t quite cut it anymore. It doesn’t show a well-rounded view of the candidate. It leaves out their personality and mannerisms, which we have combated with our tests and video interviewing feature.

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