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Considering a Career Change?

Are you re-considering your job role? Is it no longer suitable for you? Are you unhappy or bored? A career change might be your next logical step on your career pathway. Making a career change is a big move, so it’s best to make sure it’s something you definitely want to go through with. It may take a long period of time to successfully change careers, so your patience and effort is essential. Rushing into a change like this is likely to result in failure.

Why might you want a career change?

There are a handful of reasons why you might want to look into another career path, here are a few:

  1. Change of circumstances. Life can change, and sometimes situations occur that you didn’t plan for. This could be related to your family, relationships, location or finances. Perhaps something in your life has changed and your current job doesn’t fit around it anymore.
  2. Different priorities. You’re years into your working life and your priorities have shifted. You may have a family to care for, or travelling desires, or want to invest your time into a hobby! This may mean you want to find a new job that fits around your new schedule.
  3. A change of heart. As humans, we can never truly know what’s going to happen, even if we’ve made a 5 or 10 year life plan. Life is not linear and unexpected situations may arise. And you’re always allowed to change your mind if something isn’t the right fit for you. You might have chosen a career pathway when you were 16 to find out 10 years later it isn’t for you, which is completely fine. As you get older, and you develop your skills and understand yourself better as an individual, your job prospects change.
  4. Seeking a new challenge. Have you been in your job for a long time and want to venture out into new opportunities? This might happen if you’ve become too content and comfortable within your role, and you’re stuck in routine. Although this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, if it’s working for you and you’re happy so be it. However, you may find a change in scenery energises you and boosts your desire to succeed.
  5. Your job values and beliefs may change over time, and most likely they have. What you wanted at 20 probably isn’t what you want at 40. We experience personal growth throughout the duration of our lives and this growth can impact how we want to work. Even more so now with the changing workforce, individuals have different expectations for their employment – whether this is flexible working hours, remote working, or more meaningful work.

Sign up to Yondur!

So, you want to change careers? Our platform Yondur  is ideal for this. We can help you find the job that is the ‘best’ fit for you, and direct you in developing the new skills you may need for your new role.

How do you sign up?

It’s easy, all you have to do is make an account. Once you have an account you upload your relevant details just like you would for a traditional CV. But it’s not a CV, it’s digital and interactive, and you can share it with prospective employers. Our twist on traditional CV methods is we use interactive psychometric games to assess you and measure more than 100 human attributes – cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, social cohesion, and many more.

After completing our activities (there’s over 50 of them) you’ll be matched to over 1,200 job profiles which can aid you in your decision to make a career change. You can understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, whether you already have the relevant skills necessary for a change, or where you need to make improvements.

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