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5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Leave your comfort zone

Your undergraduate degree may offer the opportunity for you to study a semester abroad. These are fantastic opportunities for the keen traveller. And we’re here to give you some reasons on why you must study abroad.

In 2014/15 around 24,000 UK students spent time studying or working abroad. Over 96% of these were undergraduate students and the rest were postgraduates

The decision to study abroad is not straightforward, there’s a lot for you to consider. Such as, the course, location, and funding options. You must be well prepared to travel and live in another country.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a semester in another country:

  1. It’s a chance to see the world and learn about different cultures. Have you always wanted to travel? Take this chance now to explore the world and learn about new cultures and traditions. Meet new people and have an excellent time.
  2. You stand out from the crowd. Putting your new international experience on your digital passport will boost your employability. Employers will look positively at your time abroad as they understand the challenges of studying abroad. The QS Global Employer Survey Report says 6 out of 10 employers worldwide would give extra credit for an international student experience.
  3. Develop your transferable skills, such as motivation, organisation, and time management. These are just a few skills that you develop continuously throughout your life. Transferable skills are exactly that – transferable. You can take them into any job role and find them useful. Boost employability too!
  4. Learn a new language. Going to a new country will most likely mean learning a new language. Some overseas universities may teach in their native language meaning you’ll be learning about your subject in a foreign language. This may be challenging but rewarding too. You can study abroad in English-speaking universities too, but nevertheless you will begin to learn snippets of a new language by living in a new country. Language learning can be beneficial for you as an individual but also for your workplace. Employees who know more than their native language can be an asset to their company!
  5. Lower costs. Depending on the university you study at the tuition costs may be lower in the long run than UK tuition fees. The overall cost of study fees and living costs in some countries may be lower than the UK, this may be more appealing to you since UK fees are currently at a staggering rate. It also depends on the funding available to you, some international universities don’t charge their exchange students excessive fees. However, if an overseas university doesn’t have any UK connections you may not be eligible for a student loan. Make sure to do your research about what kinds of funding are in place for you.
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