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Why You Might Need to Re- or Upskill

What is reskilling?

Reskilling is the opportunity for an individual to change careers, to acquire a new skill set for future employment. Your current career might not be the perfect fit, this could be because of previous decision making, or being unsure of what you want to do. When I was at school leaving age, I felt pressured to choose a career path quickly. I didn’t give it much thought and ended up on the wrong course. Fortunately, it’s never too late to change your mind. I realised my course wasn’t for me, discovered what my choices were and enrolled onto a higher education course.

Recent technological changes have developed the job market significantly. Therefore, individuals must be equipped to adapt to the changes, which can be successful through both reskilling and upskilling.

The addition of new technology and software means you might not possess the relevant skills, so it’s vital we’re adapting to fit the new roles! For example, teachers are now using tablets in the classroom, meaning they must be able to correctly use the devices to transfer those skills onto their students.

What is upskilling?

Upskilling is about improving an individual’s current skill set, instead of learning new skills. Someone who frequently tries to improve themselves by learning new skills is a valuable asset to a company. You can bring new skills and knowledge to your pre-existing role. Alongside adding value to a company, you will experience personal growth as an individual. Upskilling focuses on enhancing an employees current abilities, this can be related to their job role or it can be unique and individual to the person.

However, companies are unsure of how many roles may change in the future, making the approach to reskilling and upskilling difficult. Digitalisation, AI and automation are disrupting the world of work, and employers are having to accommodate that. 

Where can you start?laptop-careers-development

Our platform, Yondur, advocates for career changes and provides information on 1,200 different job roles. If you’ve decided your current career isn’t the perfect match, you can find a new path by learning new skills. It’s possible no matter what career you’re changing from. Perhaps you’re employed in retail, but your true desires are in the teaching industry, you can make the change by enrolling in the relevant courses or education for that role. It will require time, hard work and your dedication to find yourself on the right career path, but ultimately it’ll be worth it!

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report says that more than 375 million workers may need to completely change their skill set by 2030. So why not get ahead of the game by signing up to Yondur and discovering what your future career looks like?


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